Major Gordon Enders is part of an elite class of men who wanted to change the world, but didn’t care if he got credit for it.

He just might be one of the most crucial players in World War II that you never heard of.

Now, a feature film inspired by his life and deeds is under development.

A story yet untold
Inspired by true events, the movie Khyber Pass explores a side of world history that remains largely untold. It looks through the lens of the Middle East/East Asia during World War II.

The movie is semi-fictionalized, but it is based the true story of Gordon Bandy Enders (1897-1978).

He was perhaps the sole American who was able to traverse the interior Afghanistan and endear himself to the people. He had a remarkable ability to relate to tribal cultures and customs, which enabled him to earn the trust of the notoriously skeptical Afghan people.

He displayed compassion for all people and exhibited superb physical and mental strength. Following him through the intricate and dangerous crevices of history proves not only thrilling, but enlightening too. The story of his life tells volumes about a world and a region as it was, and much about how it continues to be.

Production Status
The story was conceived by the author of "Proceed to Peshawar," George Hill, alongside the film producer Harvey Rochman. The script was penned by writer and actress Antonia "Tony" Nagy.
An 18-month sole option to buy the movie rights, with an 18-month optional extension, was purchased by George Hill’s LLC, Khyber Pass Productions, on 30 August 2016.
Finances for the film are currently being pursued and secured. The process is still open for those considering investment in the film.

The best spies are the ones you never knew were there.