Gordon Enders
The movie revolves around the life of Major Gordon Enders, an intelligence officer in the American Army in WWII. Born on the plains of Iowa, but raised at the foot of one of India's highest mountains, Enders was at home in the West as well as the East.

Appointed as the first U.S. diplomat in Afghanistan in 1941, Enders works secretly, against many obstacles, to develop the future position of the U.S. in the “Great Game.” His fictionalized mission also includes a successful search for uranium as part of the secret Manhattan Project. He finds it there, in the fearful “Valley of Death,” and he also finds a great treasure: an ancient Sanskrit manuscript which had been hidden for centuries, which he had learned about as a boy in India, and again in China and Tibet.

List of Characters

For the most, the primary characters in Khyber Pass are based on real people.

The exception is the antagonist, a “John Spinner,” working as a British double agent.

A vast geography
This movie shows Asia as it has rarely been seen before.

This movie shows Asia as it has rarely been seen before. The locations featured range across the entire continent from East to West, from Shanghai to Tehran and Damascus, and from Kabul in Afghanistan, to Calcutta in India.  The Khyber Pass is the historic gateway from Central Asia to the subcontinent of India.  It is on the southern branch of the silk road.  The road from Kabul to Peshawar, through the Khyber Pass, was the route taken by Alexander the Great, and many who followed him into India.  The ancient city of Peshawar was long known as the “Paris of the East.”